My Approach

As a teacher, I offer guidance & give space so that your experience of yoga can unfold. Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner there is always something to learn. My aim is to support the learning process by encouraging you to notice the quality of each movement, the stillness between movements, the support of the ground beneath & the constant flow of the breath. Heightening awareness of sensations and being curious about what comes up.

During a class, you are invited to move with awareness, to discover the sweet spot between effort & ease. It may be challenging at times, but it will never overwhelm. Expect an accessible, light-hearted approach to yoga, warm, sincere & free of dogma. Come with an openness to explore new possibilities.

“Life cannot be mastered by a method but needs to be met with an attitude of openness and discovery.”


In the modern world we are used to have everything measured and calculated. When we invest time, energy (and pay gym membership fees, and buy workout outfits) we want to know exactly how many calories, centimeters and kilos we will say goodbye to and when it’s going to happen. That’s a part of the bargain, isn’t it? We’ve paid the price and want to see the result.
Of course, it is obvious that the more sit-ups we do, the more kilometers we run, the heavier weights we lift, the faster we see the results. Archiving results and beating records is what the sport is all about. But this approach doesn’t work for the Yoga practice.
The most important things to remember when stepping on a Yoga mat is to keep an attitude of self-acceptance. Yoga helps to establish a loving, companionate relationship with the body and to start a constructive dialog with it. In classes and during home practices we improve our ability to listen to the body and understand its needs. The best time to start building this kind of caring relationship is right now and the best place is right here. Meaning that your flexibility, measurements and weight are of no importance. Yoga will pick you up exactly where you are and will accept exactly who you are.


My journey with yoga began 20 years ago when my parents introduced me to it in India. I use to practice it regularly but didn’t quite realise the intent and purpose behind it, it was a mere routine I followed blindly.

A Couple of years later after moving to London I got back to it. I was pregnant with my first born and at that time yoga was a complete game changer for me. Yoga helped me chase away my anxiety and brought in immense control over my thoughts. I have now realised over so many years of practice how magical it has been for me.

For just an hour of yoga every couple of weeks, it has allowed me to disconnect from all the external concerns and I am able to concentrate on what’s happening to my body at that moment. The power of here and now can be so organically achieved with practicing Yoga. 

Aakeen Shah

Yoga facilitates an experience of self and opens up my own Potential and boundless possibilities. Every class as a teacher gives me an opportunity to see that light radiating from within people and they move, breathe and connect with themselves. 
Teaching since 2018 but have been practicing yoga for over 15 years 
Was working with Tiffany and co and I am a jewellery designer and a Gemmologist by trade but took a sabbatical after I had my two children as I wanted to be a part of their growing up.
Since yoga has always been an integral part of me I decided to pursue it further and did a formal teacher training here in London. Now, a qualified yoga teacher.
My purpose is to help and share what I have learned over the years and to be able to make that change in people’s lives. 
For me getting to know my students beyond their first names is fulfilling and most importantly very rewarding.


Yoga Alliance’s requirements for a Registered Yoga School that offers a 250-hour training. Topics for a RYS teacher training must be relevant to Yoga Alliance’s five Educational Categories as defined below. RYSs must provide a minimum number of hours of study in each educational category, and to make up the total 200 required hours, must also provide additional hours of study relevant to these categories, which may be distributed according to the school’s chosen emphasis.

Self Care is one of the most important tools in my personal kit and when it came to taking care of my whole wellbeing I decided to take up Yoga. I am so grateful that I met Aakeen, she has been teaching me yoga for a couple of months now. Aakeen made sure she asked me all about my physical health and any such issues so she could personalise my yoga sessions. If you are looking at this website and testimonials,then take it as a sign and enrol for Aakeen's Yoga classes to experience the real joy of life.
Priya Chandan