Khow Suey

what a treat it was to eat this delicious meal last night! A noodle dish with spiced coconut milk served with an array of condiments and that’s what makes the dish delectable.


Boil roughly 80gms of noodles and keep aside.

Paste- 2 large tomatoes , 3 cloves of garlic , 1 tsp poppy seeds, 2tsp coriander seeds. 1 dried red chilly( put as much as you can handle ) 1tsp Chana dal. 2 stalks of lemon grass. Sauté in 1Tbsp oil. Grind and leave a side.

1 Tbsp oil , add the paste. The main hero ingredient lime leaf 3-4 and pour in 500 ml coconut milk. Salt , red chilly powder and 1 tsp jaggery powder let it simmer for 5 mins.

Veggies to steam – I added edamame, beans , carrots , courgettes and tofu you can add whatever you fancy no amount of veggies is ever enough 😅.
Once veggies steamed add them to the curry before serving ( make sure they remain green and stay colourful )

Condiments -garlic chutney, spring onions , salted peanuts, crispy noodles or potato crisps and fried onions.

Take a bowl add the hot curry with the veggies then noodles, all your condiments and lastly either the crispy noodles or potato crisps!

Serve it with love and enjoy 😊