Asparagus soup

Nutritious and a tasty addition to any diet. Asparagus is excellent to help meet your fibre needs and keeps your digestive system healthy. Recipe – 180gms Asparagus, 3-4 celery sticks, medium size onion and the hero ingredient – Dill. Sauté it all in olive oil for a couple of minutes. Blend, Blend ,Blend until smooth.

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Khow Suey

what a treat it was to eat this delicious meal last night! A noodle dish with spiced coconut milk served with an array of condiments and that’s what makes the dish delectable. RECIPE FOR TWO Boil roughly 80gms of noodles and keep aside. Paste- 2 large tomatoes , 3 cloves of garlic , 1 tsp

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The festival of Holi is all about letting go and celebrating! An indulgent mix of nuts and aromatic spices complete this flavoursome cold, refreshing drink. RECIPECoconut milkDatesPoppy seedsFennel seedsAlmondsGround pepperUnsalted pistachioCardamonRose waterSaffronDried rose petals , saffron and pistachio to garnish.Grind the spices and nuts in a dry grinder separately first and then blend it with

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