Limiting Beliefs – The Journey from Now to Next!

Blog Written By Bhavya Arora from Forward Focus London

So how are you going to overcome your limiting beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs?… Doubts? Fears? – Yes!

So you are….Feeling Trapped? Stagnant?
And are…. Just Settling For? Barely Surviving?
And now……Life Seems To Be Going Nowhere?

Our lives are shaped and dominated by our Thought Processes, and often…

● This separates us from who we really are.
● This stops us from moving out of our comfort zone and achieving.
● This distances us from living the life we deserve.

Re-train your Mind

Acknowledging such unhealthy thoughts and a mindset, rather than sweeping them under the rug, will help us to take that quantum leap and jump towards our success.

Few tips on ways to Rewrite your thought

Reconnect with your Purpose & Values:

What impact would you like to have on others? The purpose is something you are living for, it’s your heartbeat, it’s something that makes you fulfilled. Values are your blueprint. They are embedded in your core. They define you. Connect to your values. What difference would they make in your day-to-day functioning and thinking?

Focus and Clarity:

Once you start reviewing your purpose and values a lot of things start falling into place. There will be clarity in decision-making and choosing

Reflect and Reevaluate and Release:

Reflect on your past events, situation, feelings and people in your life. Let go of things that prevent you from leading a fulfilling life. It’s only when you let go, you can have space, mental bandwidth and energy for things that matter to you. It can be from looking at a promotion, starting the business of your dreams, pursuing your hobbies or spending time with loved ones.


It’s all about looking at the same situation from different angles and viewpoints.It’s like looking at events in your life with a new pair of glasses. This will help you to move forward and bring in new ideas.

Experience – Learn – Move forward:

Our emotions affect our actions and outcomes. Negative emotions tend to pull us down while happy emotions support us in moving ahead. So next time if things don’t go as per your plan rather than giving up just take the learnings and experiences and alter your course of action. Rewrite your plan and journey.

This way you will gain Confidence, Strength, Perseverance & Resilience

This is your life so make it matter for you! SO, I ask you…

● Are you ready to reshape your thoughts,beliefs and actions?
● Are you ready to rewrite the story of your life from NOW to NEXT?

You are reading this because something within you wants to change, so let’s make it happen!

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