How can we take better care of ourselves?

What is selfcare?

We know the things that we can do to help ourselves feel better. Eating a balanced diet. Taking time out from social media. Being in nature. Swimming. Walking. Running. Cycling. Yoga. Sitting. Reading. Switching our devices off.  Talking with a good friend. Gardening. Cooking. The list is boundless.

Selfcare comes in all shapes & forms, yet the focus never differs.  To practice self-care means to give yourself time to enjoy the current experience.

Am I the first person to have multi-tasked a self-care routine?

Life has been rather tumultuous for a number of months now and I have been aware of how important it is to include self-care in my daily routine. During stressful times my default mode is to over function. Doing more. Keeping busy. Micro-managing myself. Organizing those around me. Therefore, taking pauses in my day is vital.

Instead of one daily walk, I increased this to two walks, sometimes three. Whilst walking I have grabbed the opportunity to listen to various podcasts (mostly self-care related) that are stacked up in my audio library.  I am exercising, spending time in nature & bettering myself at the same time. Triple tick to me!

In reality, my self-care rituals have become mechanized.  Almost frantic.  Caught in the maelstrom of life as it is right now,  I have attempted to make every moment of the day purposeful.  Selfcare has been added to my to-do list.  I have forgotten the reasons for these daily observances.

Seriously, am I the first person to have multi-tasked a self-care routine?  Doubling or tripling up on activities.  Convincing myself that I am looking after myself by keeping up with the things that nourish me.  Numbing to the reality that I actually feel quite out of balance.  Please tell me that I am not alone?

Selfcare every damn day

At the heart of self-care is the commitment to be with yourself in the moment. Selfcare is putting could, should & would aside. Selfcare at its simplest is doing something for the pure pleasure of doing it. The practice of self-care is personal to each one of us yet the benefits are universal. The secret of self-care is to practice every damn day!

“How to stop time: kiss.
How to travel in time: read.
How to escape time: music.
How to feel time: write.
How to release time: breathe.”
― Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive

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